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Among merry's Sunglasses’ amazing specifications we consider the following the most important:

1) Ultra-Light Weight: 

The specific/gravity of aluminum which goes between 2.25g/cm3-2.75/cm3, is about 1/4 of copper , 1/3 of stainless steel,  even though it is a little heavier than plastic , its strength per unit weight and higher elastic modulus is way higher than plastic, so if Plastic and Aluminum Magnesium alloy are subject to strength tests we will find that Aluminum alloy will perform much better than plastic.

2) Corrosion and Perspiration resistance.

Aluminum-magnesium alloy in contact with the Air produces an artificial surface anodic oxidation of aluminum oxide that is highly resistant to corrosion and perspiration.

3) Processing, Squeezing

Aluminum-magnesium alloy has excellent properties for processing and specially for extruding reaching the possibility of very complex shapes. It doesn’t brittle at low temperatures, with both high strength and good impact resistance. Therefore, relying on excellent workability the magnesium alloy frames don’t need  a welding design, which is a real breakthrough in the design of other materials to achieve difficult and artistic shapes.

4) High Hardness

Anodized aluminum-magnesium alloys surface by manual aluminum oxide, the surface of the material is very similar to the tile surface, high hardness steel, too white, extremely wear-resistant.

5) Safety and Environmental protection

Aluminum-Magnesium alloy through a particular medium heat seal treatment, the material non-toxic, non-nickel safety and environmental protection, widely used in other industries with high recyclable nature.

6) Rich Colors

Magnesium alloy surface after oxidation microporous treatment directly produces a dense oxide layer, through the dye penetration, to achieve the desired color. Since uniform penetration of colorless pigment is like glass in aluminum, different perspectives can produce different visual effects, where stylish colors can be even more achievable.

Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy glasses and sunglasses present a new generation of environmental protection compliance and sustainable management, making it the best choice to replace steel and copper which is the optical industry lead.